Excelsior Convent School

School Transport

School Provides Transport for students where required. it is a no profit no loss service and utmost care is taken for the safety of the children. A fleet of buses ferry the students from home to school and back. All the drivers are well trained with more than 10 years of experience. All other facilities like GPS tracking, speed governors, first aid kit and camera, make the daily journey of your child not only comfortable but extremely safe.

Benefits of GPS tracking system

  • A well-mapped route the bus can take to avoid traffic. This also allows bus drivers not to over speed in a bid to reach the school on time and jeopardize student safety.
  • When a parent wishes to know the time when the child will be dropped home, the authorities can give the estimated time of arrival.
  • A driver’s skills can also be monitored. His track record is measured by the routes he uses, mileage and fuel usage.

Availing school transport not only provide financial benefits to parents but also the parents can be strain free, as the child will always reach school on time and back home.