Excelsior Convent School

Session 2023 - 2024


April 2023

03-04-2023MondayNew Session Begins
07-04-2023FridayWorld Health Day Celebration
08-04-2023SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday
10-04-2023MondayAnnual General Meeting
11-04-2023TuesdaySexual Harassment Meeting (Six Monthly)
12-04-2023WednesdayWelcome Activity (Nur to 5th)
13-04-2023ThursdayBaisakhi Activity (Nur to 8th)
14-04-2023FridayBaisakhi / Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Jayanti Holiday
22-04-2023SaturdayWorld Earth Day / Eco-Club Activity
24-04-2023MondayInter-House Volleyball Competition (9th and 12th class) (Cariappa Vs Shivaji)
25-04-2023TuesdayInter-House Volleyball Competition (9th and 12th Class) (Ranjit Vs Manekshaw)
26-04-2023WednesdayInter House Volleyball Competition (9th and 12th class) (Final)

May 2023

02-05-2023TuesdayGeneral Body Meeting
05-05-2023FridayBuddha Purnima Holiday
09-05-2023TuesdayEng. Hand Writing Comp. (1st to 5th)
12-05-2023FridayMother Day Activity ( Nur to 12th)
13-05-2023SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday
14-05-2023SundayMother’s Day
15-05-2023MondayInter House Basketball Competition (7th & 8th) (Manekshaw Vs Cariappa)
16-05-2023TuesdayInter House Basketball Competition (7th & 8th) (Ranjit Vs Shivaji)
17-05-2023WednesdayInter House Basketball Competition (Finals)
20-05-2023SaturdayAssessment-I Begins (1st to 12th)
22-05-2023MondayEco Club Activity
27-05-2023SaturdayAssessment-I Ends (1st to 12th)
29-05-2023MondaySummer Vacation Begins

July 2023

04-07-2023TuesdaySchool Reopens (Nur to 12th)
12-07-2023WednesdayHindi Spell Bee Comp. (Kg to 3rd)
15-07-2023SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday
18-07-2023TuesdayInter House Badminton Competition for Girls (9th & 10th) (Manekshaw Vs Cariappa)
19-07-2023WednesdayInter House Badminton Competition for Girls (9th & 10th) (Ranjit Vs Shivaji)
20-07-2023ThursdayInter House Badminton Competition for Girls (Finals) (9th & 10th)
24-07-2023MondayAssessment I Begins ( Nur to Kg)
26-07-2023WednesdayEco Club Activity
27-07-2023ThursdayAssessment I ends (Nur to Kg)

August 2023

12-08-2023SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday
14-08-2023MondayIndependence Day Activity (Class Nur to 12th)
15-08-2023TuesdayIndependence Day Holiday
21-08-2023MondayEco Club Activity
29-08-2023TuesdayRaksha Bandhan Activity (Nur to 12th)
30-08-2023WednesdayRaksha Bandhan Holiday

September 2023

01-09-2023FridaySexual Harassment Meeting (Six Monthly)
05-09-2023TuesdayTeacher’s Day Celebration (Class Nur to 12th)
06-09-2023WednesdayJanmashtami Celebration (Class Nur to 3rd)
07-09-2023ThursdayJanmashtami Holiday
09-09-2023SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday
11-09-2023MondayInter Class Carom Comp. (5th to 7th)
14-09-2023ThursdayHindi Diwas Activity (Nur to 10th)
16-09-2023SaturdayAssessment II (Half Yearly) Begins (Class Nur to 12th)
27-09-2023WednesdayHalf Yearly ends (Assessment II) (Class Nur to 12th)
28-09-2-23ThursdayResult Prep. Holiday Starts

October 2023

02-10-2023MondayGandhi Jayanti
03-10-2023TuesdaySchool Reopens
12-10-2023ThursdayShow & Tell Activity (Nur to KG)
14-10-2023SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday
18-10-2023WednesdayEco Club Activity
23-10-2023MondayRam Navami Holiday
24-10-2023TuesdayDussehra Holiday
28-10-2023SaturdayMaharishi Valmiki Jayanti Holiday

November 2023

01-11-2023WednesdayInter House Kabaddi Competition (Manekshaw Vs Cariappa) (Class 6th to 8th)
02-11-2023ThursdayInter House Kabaddi Competition (Ranjit Vs Shivaji) (Class 6th to 8th)
03-11-2023FridayInter House Kabaddi Competition (Finals) (Class 6th to 8th)
07-11-2023TuesdayChildren Day Activity (Nur to 12th)
10-11-2023FridayDiwali Activity (Nur to 12th)
11-11-2023SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday
12-11-2023SundayDiwali Holidays Begins
15-11-2023WednesdayDiwali Holiday ends
24-11-2023FridayGuru Teg Bahadur Martyrdom Day Holiday
27-11-2023MondayGuru Nanak Jayanti Holiday

December 2023

01-12-2023MondayWelcome Winter Activity (Nur to 3rd)
09-12-2023SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday
12-12-2023TuesdayKho-Kho Competition for Girls (Class 6th to 8th)
14-12-2023ThursdayEco Club Activity
16-12-2023SaturdayAssessment III Begins (Class 1st to 12th)
22-12-2023FridayChristmas Celebration ( Nur to 8th)
23-12-2023SaturdayAssessment III Ends (1st to 12th)
24-12-2023SundayWinter Vacation Start

January 2024

01-01-2024MondayWinter Vacation Ends
02-01-2024TuesdaySchool Reopens
12-01-2024FridayLohri Celebration ( Nur to 12th)
13-01-2024SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday
14-01-2024SundayLohri Holiday
16-01-2024TuesdayPre Board Begins (Class 10th & 12th
22-01-2024MondayAssessment III Begin (Nur to KG),Pre - Board ends (Class 10th & 12th)
25-01-2024ThursdayAssessment III ends (Nur to KG)
26-01-2024Friday Republic Day Holiday

February 2024

10-02-2024SundaySecond Saturday Holiday
14-02-2024WednesdayVasant Panchami Holiday
24-02-2024SaturdayGuru Ravidas Jayanti Holiday

March 2024

08-03-2024FridayMahashivratri Holiday
09-03-2024SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday
11-03-2024MondayAssessment IV Final Begins (Nur to 12th)
22-03-2024FridayAssessment-IV (Final Exam) ends (Class Nur to 12th)
23-03-2024SaturdayShaheed Bhagat Singh Martyrdom Day Holiday
25-03-2024MondayHoli Holiday
02-04-2024TuesdayNew Session Begins