Excelsior Convent School
Beyond Curriculum


We believe that the education goes far beyond the curriculum.

It starts from the moment each child is greeted at the school gate in the morning. Respect, empathy and responsibility are key features of the school’s philosophy, and these are developed throughout the school by staff who lead by example, and demonstrate an extraordinary level of care in every area of school life. Children are actively encouraged to form close, trusting relationships with their peers and the adults around them, and this gives them the confidence to set their sights high, and take advantage of the range of opportunities on offer.


There is plenty of variety built into the timetable here, with academic subjects, Art, Music, Sport, Drama and Dance happening weekly. In addition, we pride ourselves on the number and range of clubs and activities in which all children can take partafter school. Some of these are constant whilst others change each term. Many clubs are run by members of staff, whilst experts are brought in to run others such as language, specialist sports clubs and those requiring particular expertise.