Excelsior Convent School


It is opportunities galore for the students of Excelsior Convent School to grow up into multi-faceted personalities. The concept of testing the multiple intelligence of the child makes every student feel like a winner.

Ample opportunities are available for the pupils to develop their innate talents or to hone further their skills they have already acquired. Clubs such as Science Club, English Club, G.K Club, Readers Club, Drama Club, Maths Club, Music Club, Computer Club, Eco Club, Student Magazine Editorial Board, etc encourage children to take up various learning based activities.

Theatre, Debates, Public speaking, Youth Parliament, Creative Writing, Quiz Sessions, Paper Reading etc are regular skill honing activities and are under the guidance of qualified teachers.

We have not only motivate and challenge students but also stimulate every child as individual. They are perfectly groomed and set into the field of interest by the 6 clubs open to them.  Please visit the following links to know more about the different clubs in Excelsior Convent School.

Each club performs a activity once in a week for other students, thus leadership qualities are infused in each student and his hesitation to handle podium is given a heaved.