Excelsior Convent School

Session 2024 - 2025


April 2024

02-04-2024TuesdayNew Session Begins
06-04-2024SaturdayWorld Health Day Celebrations
08-04-2024MondayBirthday of Guru Nabha Dasji Holiday (By Federation)
09-04-2024TuesdayWelcome Activity (Nur to 5th)
11-04-2024ThursdayId-ul-Fitr / Lord Parshuram Jayanti Holiday (By Federation)
12-04-2024FridayBaisakhi Activity
13-04-2024SaturdaySecond Saturday & Baisakhi Holiday
15-04-2024MondayAnnual General Meeting
16-04-2024TuesdaySexual Harassment Meeting (Six Monthly)
17-04-2024WednesdayRam Navami Holiday (By Federation)
21-04-2024SundayMahavir Jayanti Holiday (By Federation)
24-04-2024WednesdayInter-House Volleyball competition (9thand12thclass) (Cariappa Vs Shivaji)
25-04-2024ThursdayInter-House Volley ball competition (9th and 12th class) (Ranjit Vs Manekshaw)
26-04-2024FridayInter House Volleyball competition (9th& 12th class) (Final)

May 2024

01-05-2024WednesdayMay Day Holiday (By Federation)
04-05-2024SaturdayEco Club activity
06-05-2024MondayGeneral Body Meeting
08-05-2024WednesdayEnglish Hand Writing competition (Class 1st to 5th)
09-05-2024ThursdaySEWA Project (Class 9th to 12th) / Mother’s Day Activity (Class Nur to 12th
10-05-2024FridayLord Purshuram Jayanti Holiday (By Federation)
11-05-2024SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday
12-05-2024SundayMother’s Day
13-05-2024MondayInter house basketball competition (7th& 8th) (Manekshaw Vs Cariappa)
14-05-2024TuesdayInter house basketball competition (7th& 8th) (Ranjit Vs Shivaji)
15-05-2024WednesdayInter House basketball competition (Finals)
18-05-2024SaturdayAssessment-I Begins (1st to 10th & 12th)
23-05-2024ThursdayBudha Purnima Holiday
25-05-2024SaturdayAssessment-I Ends (1st to 12th)
29-05-2024WednesdayPTM / Summer Vacation Begins

July 2024

03-07-2024WednesdaySummer Vacation Ends
04-07-2024ThursdaySchool Reopen
06-07-2024SaturdayMission Haryali
08-07-2024MondayASL Term-I (Class 6th to 12th) begins
10-07-2024WednesdaySEWA Project-II (Class 9th to 12th)
11-07-2024ThursdayEco Club Activity
13-07-2024SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday
16-07-2024TuesdayHindi Spell Bee Competition (Class KG to 8th)
18-07-2024ThursdayInter House Badminton Competition for girls (Class 9th and 11th) Manekshaw Vs Carriappa
19-07-2024FridayInter House Badminton Competition for girls (Class 9th and 11th) Ranjit Vs Shivaji
20-07-2024SaturdayInter House Badminton Competition for girls (Class 9th and 11th) Final
24-07-2024WednesdayEco Club Activity
25-07-2024ThursdayAssessment- I (Nur and KG) Begins
30-07-2024TuesdayAssessment- I (Nur and KG) Ends
30-07-2024TuesdayASL Term- I (Class 6th to 12th) Ends
31-07-2024WednesdayMartyrdom day of Shahid Udham Singhji Holiday (By Federation)

August 2024

06-08-2024TuedayEco club activity
10-08-2024SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday
13-08-2024TuesdayIndependence day Activity (class Nur to 12th)
15-08-2024ThursdayIndependence Day Holiday
17-08-2024SaturdayRaksha Bandhan Activity (Nur to 12th)
19-08-2024MondayRaksha Bandhan Holiday (By Federation)
21-08-2024WednesdayEco Club Activity
26-08-2024MondayJanamashtami Holiday (By Federation)

September 2024

02-09-2024MondayInter class carom competition (class 5th to 7th)
05-09-2024ThursdayTeacher’s Day Celebration (Class Nur to 12th)
09-09-2024MondaySexual harassment meeting (six monthly)
13-09-2024FridayHindi Diwas Activity (Class Nur to 10th)
14-09-2024SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday
16-09-2024MondayAssessment II (Half Yearly) Begins (Class Nur to 12th)
27-09-2024FridayAssessment II (Half Yearly) ends (Class Nur to 12th)
28-09-2024SaturdayResult Prep. Holiday starts
30-09-2024MondayResult Prep. Holiday ends

October 2024

01-10-2024TuesdayPTM (Class Nur to 12th)
02-10-2024WednesdayGandhi Jayanti Holiday (By Federation)
03-10-2024ThursdayMaharaja Aggarsain Jayanti Holiday (By Federation)
04-10-2024FridaySchool Reopens
07-10-2024MondaySEWA Project-III (Class 9th to 12th)
08-10-2024TuesdayASL Term- II starts (Class 6th to 11th)
10-10-2024ThursdayEco Club Activity
12-10-2024SaturdaySecond Saturday and Dussehra Holiday (By Federation)
14-10-2024MondayShow & Tell Activity (Class Nur to KG)
17-10-2024ThursdayMaharishi Valmiki Jayanti Holiday (By Federation)
20-10-2024SundayKarva Chauth Holiday (By Federation)
26-10-2024SaturdayASL Term- II ends (Class 6th to 12th)
28-10-2024MondayDiwali Activity (Class Nur to 12th)
30-10-2024WednesdayPre-Diwali Holiday (By Federation)
31-10-2024ThursdayDiwali Holiday (By Federation)

November 2024

01-11-2024FridayNew Punjab Day / Vishwakarma Day Holiday (By Federation)
03-11-2024SundayBhaidooj Holiday
09-11-2024SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday
11-11-2024MondaySEWA Project – IV (Class 9th to 12th)
14-11-2024ThursdayChildren Day Activity (Class Nur to 12th)
15-11-2024FridayGuru Purab of Guru Nanak Dev ji Holiday (By Federation)
16-11-2024SaturdayMartyrdom day of S.Kartar Singh Sarabha Holiday (By Federation)
19-11-2024TuesdayInter house kabaddi competition (Manekshaw Vs Cariappa) (class 6th to 8th)
20-11-2024WednesdayInter house kabaddi competition (Ranjit Vs Shivaji) (Class 6th to 8th)
21-11-2024ThursdayInter house kabaddi competition (Finals) (Class 6th to 8th)

December 2024

02-12-2024MondayAssessment III Begins (Class Nur to 12th)
04-12-2024WednesdayWelcome Winter activity (Class Nur to 3rd)
06-12-2024FridayMartyrdom day of Guru Tegh Bahadurji Holiday (By Federation)
10-12-2024TuesdayAssessment III Ends (Class 1st to 12th)
14-12-2024SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday / PTM (1st to 12th)
18-12-2024WednesdayKho-Kho competition for girls (Class 6th to 8th)
21-12-2024SaturdayEco Club Activity
23-12-2024MondayChristmas Activity (Class Nur to 8th)
25-12-2024WednesdayWinter Vacation Start

January 2025

02-01-2025ThursdayWinter Vacation Ends
03-01-2025FridaySchool Reopens
10-01-2025FridayLohri Celebration ( Nur to 12th)
11-01-2025SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday
13-01-2025MondayLohri Holiday (By Federation)
18-01-2025SaturdayPre-Board (Class 10th & 12th) Starts
25-01-2025SaturdayPre-Board (Class 10th & 12th) Ends
25-01-2025SaturdayRepublic Day Celebrations
26-01-2025Sunday Republic Day Holiday

February 2025

02-02-2025SundayBasant Panchmi Holiday (By Federation)
08-02-2025SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday / PTM (Class 10th & 12th)
12-02-2025WednesdayBirthday of Guru Ravi Dasji Holiday (By Federation)
26-02-2025WednesdayMaha Shivratri Holiday (By Federation)

March 2025

08-03-2025SaturdaySecond Saturday Holiday
10-03-2025MondayAssessment IV Final Begins (Class Nur to 12th)
14-03-2025FridayHoli Holiday (By Federation)
23-03-2025SundayShaheed Bhagat Singh Martyrdom day Holiday (By Federation)
24-03-2025MondayAssessment-IV (Final exam) ends (Class Nur to 12th)
02-04-2025WednesdayNew Session Begins from 02 April 2025